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Our Building Process

SUNSTAR HOMES is committed to excellence when it comes to building your brand new home. Our unwavering integrity ensures that your new home is built with quality craftsmanship and that high attention is given to all details.

Home Design and Options

From the onset, our design experts will provide custom plans suitable to the client's taste and your new home will be built on time and on budget.

Our designers can turn your idea into a reality and make creative strides while keeping the budget of your project in mind. With proper consultation, the design is kept affordable while retaining the features customer's desire.


After signing the Purchase Agreement, our customers are provided with the information to visit our individual suppliers to make personal selections for all of the interior finishing's of your new home.

Construction Process

During the entire construction process, SUNSTAR HOMES will provide updates on the actual items under construction.

SUNSTAR HOMES believes in open and frequent communication throughout the entire building process. We know this is your home, so we keep you involved throughout all the stages of building your new home to make sure no detail is overlooked.

Our customers are welcome to view their new home during the construction phase as frequently as you wish. However, customers will have to abide by the provincial safety regulations, i.e. hard hats, proper foot wear and no children allowed on site. Feedback after viewing your new home, is always welcome.

Move-In Sooner

SUNSTAR HOMES currently has 2 duplex homes under construction in Carstairs,1 finished Home in Langdon and 1 ready to move in single family house in Strathmore for a quicker possession.

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